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Security Services with Global Reach

American Fire & Security Inc is a Security Firm licensed by the New York State Dept of State, bonded and insured to provide professional security and investigative services. 

Our Services


Residential Security

  • Residential Buildings

  • Condominiums 

  • Private Communities

  • Neighborhood Patrol

  • Private Homes

Commercial Security

  • Warehouses 

  • Theater & Gyms

  • Retailer Stores

  • Loss Prevention

  • Community Centers

Nightlife Security

  • Clubs, Bars & Lounges

  • Concert Venues 

  • Sporting Events 

  • Community Centers

  • Fire Guard Services

Construction Security

  • Construction Sites

  • Fire Guard Services

  • Fire Safety 

  • Risk Consulting 

Compliance Consulting

  • NYS SLA Compliance

  • Fire Code Compliance

  • Municipal Regulations

  • State Compliance

Private VIP Security

  • Security Escort

  • Secure Courier

  • Armed Drivers 

  • Bodyguards 

Security Consulting

  • Risk Assessment

  • Threat Evaluation

  • Breach Detection

  • Counter-measures

International Operations

  • Security in high risk environment 

  • Logistical Support 

  • Maritime Security 

  • Security Consulting

Logistical Support

  • Armed and Unarmed Escorts

  • Secure Transportation of People and Cargo

Our Credentials

When choosing a security firm, it is of critical importance that the company you entrust with you business or the well-being of yourself or your family is properly licensed, bonded and insured. At American Fire & Security Inc, we hold ourselves and our staff to the highest levels of responsibility. This is why, American Fire & Security Inc maintains all required documentation and insurances to ensure that our clients are always protected. This includes: 

  • Fidelity Bond as required by New York State Law;

  • Workers Compensation & Disability; 

  • Primary Liability Policy of $1,000,000.00 per person and $2,000,000.00 per incident; 

  • Umbrella Policy of $3,000,000.00; 

  • Non-owner operated motor vehicle of $1,000,000.00; 

  • Crime Policy of $500,000.00; 

  • NYS Liquor Endorsement; 

  • Armed Guard Endorsement; 

Before you retain a security company MAKE SURE that the insurance coverage and the credential of the company meet the needs of your business. Simply having insurance or a license is not enough to protect a business from liability.